Technology in Nursing

Technology is modern the way nurses  treat the patients. Technology is used in hospitals,health care offices, and even in schools to help nurses learn new way of patient care techniques and to manage more complicated treatment procedures. Technology plays a very important role in every area of nursing, from administrative processes to direct patient interaction in nursing school, and hospital settings.

Technology in nursing schools allows nursing students to practice on mannequins. Many nursing schools use high-tech mannequins to simulate real-life patient situations. These dummies are not like usual manikins that are dry and hard. They are created just like a real human with artificial blood and small pipes inside the system that serves as the arteries and vein where the blood come out when the dummy is poked with a needle. The mannequins can also be used to teach nurses simple techniques, such as how to bathe patients and more complicated techniques, as well as how to react in emergency situations.

One example is the mannequin used in CPR classes. In CPR classes mannequins are programmed to act and react like humans. They breathe, talk and make other sounds. Instructors can control interactions between the mannequin and the CPR aid  from a central control room.  These interactions are graded and used as a teaching tool.

The use of technology in nursing schools is viewed as a vital complement to hands-on clinical experience. It gives opportunity to everyone to practice in order to gain more confidence when dealing to real human clients.

Continuous Learning in Nursing

Continuing learning in nursing is a method of constantly improving ones knowledge and ability in a chosen professional sphere and as such is vital to both career progression and professional excellence. It is a good idea for the health services to monitor professional competence. However it requires effort, time, and money. Professional development comes with advantages and disadvantages. 

Professional development enhances your skills and upgrades your knowledge about the new used equipments. It will encourage you to learn the new techniques on performing certain medical responses towards patients seeking medical attention. One example of this would be the reason why CPR is always required to be renewed every year because the strategy of resuscitating a person is changing every now and then depending on how wide researches has become. It will also maintain the idea of performing the right way of treating the patients and how the process in the acute care or long term care work. Some nurses forgets the ideal process and learn to do it by their own according to how they used to do it. It is very beneficial at the same time accessible because you can do it online, my simply having conversation with other nurses or health care providers, or participating in a seminar or workshop.

Disadvantages of professional development can be lack of financing which is required on an actual professional development such as training, seminars, and online classes. This can also conflicts the schedule on work and time for the family. Professional development consumes time and effort that has to be managed well in your monthly calendar.


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